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Non-ferric aluminium sulphate and applications

1. for paper sizing agent in papermaking industry, to enhance the water resistance of paper, seepage;

2. dissolve in water so that the water in the tiny particles and natural colloidal particles gather into large Floc, which removed from the water, it is used as a water supply and wastewater treatment coagulant

3. as water purification tablets, also for precipitating agent, fixing agent, bulking agent, and so on. Used as anti-sweating cosmetics in cosmetics (astringent);

4. the fire protection industry, with baking soda, foaming agent foam fire extinguishing agent;

5. analytical reagents, mordant, tanning agents, oil bleaching agent, wood preservatives;

6. White protein stabilizer of pasteurization (including liquid or frozen whole eggs, whites and yolks);

7. as the material used in the manufacture of synthetic gemstones and high ammonium alum, aluminum salts;

8. the fuel industry in the production of chrome yellow and allura dyes as precipitating agent, while solid color and fillers.

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