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Solution extraction

Iron extraction is very complex. It is influenced by various medium and extraction of structure, extraction system consisting of a variety of factors influence. Therefore, extraction must be applied according to the specific conditions for intensive study, and after a certain amount of experiments can be applied in industry.

Aluminum sulfate solution by H:O: oxidized, containing 20% (mass fraction) 2608 sulfonated kerosene solution extraction of N1923, derived from the aqueous phase is aluminum sulfate solution, concentrated to get refined aluminum sulfate. Organic phase 4-stage counter current extraction add dilute sulfuric acid to recycle organic extractant by primary amine extraction, for example, by organic solvent extraction of primary N1923 and sulfonation kerosene after removal of iron, solid appearance of white fine crystals of aluminum sulfate, its data is shown in table 3. After the removal of iron sulfate Fe:O. Quality score can fall to 0.051%.

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