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Basic Methods Of Waste Water Treatment

  Basic methods of waste Water treatment: (1) Physical method: The choice of wastewater treatment depends on the nature, composition, status and requirement of water quality. General wastewater treatment methods can be divided into physical, chemical and biological methods of three major categories.

  The use of physical processes to process, separate and recycle contaminants from waste water. For example, the precipitation method is used to remove the suspended particles with a relative density greater than 1 in the water. Flotation (or air flotation) can remove a suspended substance with a milky oil droplet or a relative density of nearly 1; the filtration method can remove the suspended particles in water, and the evaporation method is used to concentrate the nonvolatile soluble substances in the wastewater.

  Basic methods of waste water treatment: (2) Chemical method: Recovery of soluble waste or colloidal substance by chemical reaction or physicochemical action, for example, the medium and the method are used in the intermediate and acidic or alkaline wastewater, the extraction method uses the solubility of waste in two-phase "distribution", recovery of phenols, heavy metals, etc. oxidation reduction is used to remove the reduction or oxidizing pollutant in the waste water and kill the pathogenic bacteria in the natural water.

  Basic methods of Wastewater Treatment: (3) Biological method: Using microbial biochemical action to treat organic matter in wastewater. For example, biological filtration and activated sludge method are used to treat domestic sewage or organic production wastewater, so that organic matter conversion degradation into inorganic salts and purification.

  The above methods have their own scope of adaptation, must be complementary to each other, it is often difficult to use a method to achieve a good governance effect. Which method is used to treat the waste water, firstly, according to the water quality and water quantity of the waste water, the demand of water in the discharge, the economic value of the waste recovery, the characteristics of the treatment method, the scientific experiment is carried out through investigation and research, and it is determined according to the index of wastewater discharge, regional situation and technical feasibility.

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