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Coating On Titanium Dioxide In The Ceramic Industry Should Have A Greater Application Space

The production of eight elements of ceramics is very much known. K2O, Na2O, CaO, MgO, $literal, SiO2 and $literal, TiO2. The first six elements for our use, according to different product requirements, the formulation of different formulations. Then two items, as coloring elements, in many cases, we do not want to see in the raw materials. Iron element Needless to say, we will even in the production process to set iron removal process to weaken its coloring effect. The titanium element in the basic raw materials, it is difficult to remove, in many cases, people in the raw materials of titanium helpless. So, we can understand, in fact, titanium is not as we think, no use.

There are three types of titanium dioxide, namely plate titanium ore, anatase and rutile. Although in the ceramic production knowledge, we think it is the coloring element, in fact, in nature, the titanium dioxide is the natural output the most white mineral. The name of the titanium dioxide indicates its characteristic is white. And the reason why titanium dioxide in ceramic production is considered to be a coloring element, unfavorable to production, mainly because of titanium dioxide after 800 ℃, the occurrence of crystalline transformation, become a crystal with color, thus coloring. In our ceramic production, the temperature is often as high as 1000 ℃, therefore, in many industries performance of the excellent titanium dioxide in the ceramic industry has become a negative factor.

In recent years of ceramic production process, at the beginning of the time, ceramic raw materials for iron and titanium elements are basically to take precautions to prevent coloring. But slowly began to appear some changes, individual ceramic companies to some products to produce the raw materials needed to start to relax the iron and titanium into the plant standard. such as feldspar in the iron content from 0.15% amplification to 0.2~0.4%, and titanium content from 0.1% within the magnification to 0.2~0.3% within. The main consideration is that iron and titanium can react, producing color compounds that match some products.

In addition, the author believes that in the ceramic industry, titanium dioxide should have a greater application space, so that people take the initiative to use Titanium instead of titanium. This is the product of titanium dioxide products corresponding to the self-cleaning products. As the name suggests, through a reasonable process, ceramic products on the surface of the preparation of a layer of titanium dioxide film, ceramic products can produce self-cleaning effect, very suitable for external walls and bathroom ceramic products.

This self-cleaning principle lies in the nano-level anatase titanium dioxide, a role in the role of sunlight, water molecules can be decomposed into hydrogen atoms and oxygen atoms, while the existence of an independent oxygen atom has a strong ability to oxidize the surface of the product to remove dirt stains. This is similar to the familiar washing powder, washing powder in addition to the role of stains is precisely contained in the NaClO in water decomposed into NaCl and o atoms, and oxygen atoms can remove stains. Its oxidation ability, the more than 10-minute washing process after the end of people's hands will be whitish.

Since the clean product has been used in glass products very early. Japan in 2000 years or so in some places in the trial of related products, feedback is good. Its production process, mainly in the late production of glass products, in the production line of 600 ℃ below a region, the installation of Sol spraying process equipment. The nanometer grade titanium dioxide Sol is sprayed on the glass product, the Sol is melted at high temperature, and the white Titania film is sprayed on the glass. There are also many such studies in China, the 5~50nm grade titanium dioxide film layer has been produced by Shenzhen University and Zhejiang University in 450~550℃, which has remarkable effect. The preparation of the Sol in a reasonable doping, such as SiO2 doping and rare earth ions doped, the effect is better.

At present, ceramic products occupy a large decoration market. From the early supply of ceramic products, to now rely on quality and surface aesthetic effect to impress consumers, believe that in the future, with specific functional effects of ceramics will also occupy the market. and titanium dioxide coating technology, it is worth our expectation.

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