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Common Methods Of Organic Wastewater Treatment

  Common methods of organic wastewater treatment

  The main methods for dealing with high concentration of refractory organic wastewater are chemical oxidation, extraction, adsorption, incineration, catalytic oxidation, biochemical method, which is the most mature technology is the most mature biochemical method, biochemical method because of simple equipment, Ability, low operating costs, the most widely used in wastewater treatment.

  In the wastewater treatment project, most of the traditional biochemical processes, such as A / O method, A2 / O method or the improvement of the process. In the wastewater biochemical process of activated sludge is the most commonly used organic wastewater biological treatment methods. Activated sludge specific surface area, high activity, good mass transfer, is the most efficient artificial biological treatment.

  Organic Wastewater Treatment - Physical Law:

  The choice of wastewater treatment method depends on the nature, composition, status and water quality requirements of the pollutants in the wastewater. General waste water treatment methods can be divided into physical, chemical and biological law three categories.

  The use of physical action to deal with, separation and recovery of pollutants in wastewater. Such as the use of precipitation method to remove suspended solids in the water relative to the density of more than 1 at the same time recovery of these particles; flotation (or float) can remove the emulsion of oil droplets or relative density of nearly 1 suspension; Particles; evaporation method for the concentration of non-volatile raw materials in the waste water.

  Organic Wastewater Treatment - Chemical Method:

  The use of chemical reactions or physical and chemical reactions to recover soluble wastes or colloidal substances, for example, neutralization method for the neutralization of acidic or alkaline wastewater; extraction of soluble waste in the two phases with different solubility in the "distribution", recovery of phenols, heavy metals And so on; redox method used to remove the waste water in the reductive or oxidizing pollutants, kill natural pathogens in the water body.

  Organic Wastewater Treatment - Biological Method:

  Treatment of organic matter in wastewater by biochemical action of microorganisms. For example, biological filtration and activated sludge process used to deal with domestic sewage or organic production of waste water, organic matter conversion into inorganic salts and purified.

  Wastewater treatment is a complex project, the choice of treatment methods, must be based on the water quality and quantity of wastewater, emissions to the use of water or water to consider the use. But also to consider the waste water treatment process of sludge, the use of residue and the possible secondary pollution problems, as well as the recovery of flocculants. It is often difficult to use a method can achieve a good governance effect. What kind of wastewater is used to treat it, first of all, is based on the water quality and water of the wastewater, the water demand when the water is discharged, the economic value of the waste recovery, the characteristics of the treatment method, and then through the investigation and study, Waste water discharge targets, regional conditions and technical feasibility.

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