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Dyeing Waster Water Treatment Effluent Yellow Causes

Dyeing and printing industry Waster Water Treatment, if the sewage after biochemical treatment, the use of ferrous sulfate and liquid caustic soda, why the treatment of water after the color is pale yellow? Like this phenomenon is generally for what reasons, what method should be used to deal with it? The following analysis with you on the printing and dyeing Waster Water Treatment after the yellow reason.

Treatment of Dyeing Wastewater by Ferrous Sulfate

Printing and dyeing wastewater is common in organic matter content, color depth, alkaline and so on. If it is treated with ferrous sulfate and liquid alkali after there will be yellow there are two possibilities, one of the printing and dyeing wastewater is not precipitated in some of the inorganic metal ions, the second is the color of organic matter; Of the removal of inorganic metal ions can be used to adjust the alkali, Waster Water Treatment adding sodium sulfide and so on to precipitate inorganic metal ions. If the organic matter present in the printing and dyeing wastewater makes the color appear pale yellow, it is necessary to consider advanced oxidation or adsorption.

For the original color of the waste water is yellow, with ferrous iron after the color fade, and then the reasons for the emergence of yellow may also be a kind of anti-color phenomenon, and the use and some reactive dyes related to the front to see the color removed, followed by And the original waste water similar to the color, so most of the dyeing and printing Waster Water Treatment process will be biochemical treatment.

The recent contact with the dyeing plant wastewater decolorization, the use of ferrous, sodium hydroxide and poly aluminum chloride, after treatment part of the red or can not be removed, Waster Water Treatment PH value of 8, why part of the red can not be removed, whether to consider the replacement of other drugs? Here we have made an analysis based on the problem.

Ferrous Sulfate Dosing Method and PH Value

The use of ferrous sulfate on the red, green Waster Water Treatment effect will be worse, but as long as the appropriate reaction conditions can also be generally reduced to the emission standards of color. In this case, the following recommendations are made:

1, the sodium hydroxide added to the front, back plus ferrous, plus added after the PH remained at 9 or so. After adding sodium hydroxide, the pH can reach more than 12, under strong alkali conditions can destroy some of the molecular structure of colored groups, the difficult to deal with colored groups into easy to deal with colored groups. And then the beginning of the reaction with the ferrous metal PH will be 11 or so, the ferrous metal in the PH value of 11 or more decolorization effect will be better than the pH of 8 or so, Waster Water Treatment especially part of the difficult to deal with colored groups.

2, sodium hydroxide into lime, while reducing the cost of pharmaceuticals also has the effect of improving the treatment effect.

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