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General Liquid Aluminum Sulfate Or More A Little Iron Impurities

  Liquid aluminum sulfate precipitation method iron removal

  General liquid aluminum sulfate or more a little iron impurities, in order to let it play its use effect, it is necessary to ensure its purity, and there are many ways to remove iron, precipitation method is one of the following to introduce.

  1, aluminum oxide and iron determination method: the determination of aluminum oxide content, the use of indirect complexometric titration. Under certain conditions, an excess of EDTA solution was added and the remaining EDTA was titrated with lead nitrate as the indicator. The KF solution was then selectively removed from the complexed aluminum ions and titrated with lead nitrate Removed from the EDTA, can be measured the content of aluminum oxide, the unit with (gΠL) said.

  2, the preparation of liquid aluminum sulfate: the waste sulfuric acid leaching bauxite obtained by the acid solution after dilution, flocculation, sedimentation, adjust the pH value of 310 ~ 315 or so, sampling analysis of aluminum oxide content and iron content (Mass fraction), the alumina concentration of 100158g / L, iron% 011080%.

  3, organic precipitant A precipitation iron removal:

  A solid organic precipitate A 40 g was treated with desalted water to a solution of 40% by mass. The liquid precipitant was added to a certain amount of liquid aluminum sulfate according to the amount of aluminum sulfate liquid, and the mixture was filtered immediately after stirring for 110 hours to measure the content of aluminum oxide and the iron content.

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