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How Much Do You Know About Chemical Waster Water Treatment?

  How much do you know about chemical Waster Water Treatment?

  Chemical wastewater refers to the production of waste water in the process of production of chemical products, such as the production of ethylene, polyethylene, rubber, polyester, methanol, ethylene glycol, oil tank area, air separation station and other oil wastewater Biochemical treatment, the general can reach the national secondary emission standards, is due to the shortage of water resources, the need to meet the emission standards of water and then further after the treatment, to meet the requirements of industrial replenishment and reuse.

  Chemical plants as large water users, the annual fresh water consumption is generally millions of cubic meters, water recycling rate is low, while the sewage out of millions of cubic meters, not only a lot of water resources, but also cause environmental pollution, Waster Water Treatment and water resources The shortage has posed a threat to the production of these large industrial water users. In order to maintain the sustainable development of enterprises and reduce the waste of water resources, reduce production costs and improve the economic and social benefits of enterprises. Need to deep treatment of chemical wastewater (three treatment), as a circulating water or power desalination water replenishment, to achieve sewage reuse.

  As the impurities in water mainly suspended particles and fine wool fibers, the use of mechanical filtration principle, the use of microporous filtration technology to remove impurities. By the PLC or time relay control filter equipment working conditions, to achieve automatic backwashing, Waster Water Treatment automatic operation, to enhance the pump to provide the necessary water head, the water directly into the production system.

  Analysis of Main Characteristics of Chemical Wastewater:

  1, chemical wastewater composition is complex, the reaction material is often solvent-like substances or ring structure of the compound, increasing the difficulty of Waster Water Treatment;

  2, the waste water contains a large number of pollutants, mainly due to incomplete reaction of raw materials and raw materials or production using a large number of solvents caused.

  3, toxic and hazardous substances, fine chemical waste water in many organic pollutants are toxic and harmful to microorganisms, such as halogen compounds, nitro compounds, Waster Water Treatment with the role of disinfectant dispersant or surfactant;

  4, biodegradable substances more, B than C low, biodegradable poor;

  Wastewater properties

  The waste water produced in the production process of chemical products is characterized by high discharge, high toxicity, high organic matter concentration, high salt content, high color and high content of refractory compounds, and the treatment is difficult, but the wastewater also contains many available Of the resources, and membrane technology as a high-tech in the field of chemical production and processing, Waster Water Treatment energy saving and cleaner production and so play an important role.

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