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Liquid Aluminum Sulfate Aluminum Hydroxide Manufacturing Method

  Liquid aluminum sulfate aluminum hydroxide manufacturing method:

  Aluminum hydroxide and sulfuric acid are reacted under heating to obtain liquid aluminum sulfate. The method of production process is simple, do not need high temperature and pressure and other harsh conditions and settlement, iron and other processes, the relative energy consumption is low, and the production of liquid aluminum sulfate quality clean, excellent performance. The disadvantage is high cost and expensive.

  Even so, liquid aluminum sulphate, produced by aluminum hydroxide in liquid aluminum sulphate, is the most pure and has been used in some industries.

  Results and Rhithers. Rhithers. Verticals.ithers. Vertical correlations.ithers. Verticals.ither correlations.omenges Rh - The greater the concentration of sulfuric acid, the more intense the reaction. However, the concentration of sulfuric acid is too large, the reaction material density, dispersion degree is low, the diffusion rate is small, Liquid aluminum sulfate aluminum sulfate attached to the surface of the powder particles, to prevent the further progress of the reaction. Only the formation of aluminum sulfate quickly spread to the solution, so that the powder exposed to the new reaction surface, the reaction can be stable, Liquid aluminum sulfate bauxite more aluminum is leaching. Therefore, the reaction system should have enough water to extract the generated aluminum sulfate, and the best way is to dilute the sulfuric acid into the appropriate concentration to meet the reaction needs.

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