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Liquid Aluminum Sulfate Causes Crystals

  Liquid aluminum sulfate causes crystals

  In general, aluminum sulfate is soluble in water, so that there will be liquid aluminum sulfate this thing, but sometimes, in the course of the use, it will produce crystals, what is the reason? The following will be described in detail:

  1, liquid aluminum sulfate solution in the long-term placement, the water will continue to reduce the evaporation, resulting in increasing the concentration of the solution until the saturation, and liquid aluminum sulfate saturated solution and then evaporate moisture will lead to solute in the form of crystal crystallization , So the crystal appears.

  2, in addition, the liquid aluminum sulfate temperature is reduced, the solubility will become smaller, will produce crystals.

  In summary, long-term placement, the reduction of water, temperature reduction, will lead to liquid aluminum sulfate crystal, so that when not in use, pay attention to the appropriate temperature preservation, in addition, you can always add water, so that crystal dissolved The

  Sometimes, for some reason, the need for liquid aluminum sulfate into a solid form, then how to process it into a solid form?

  1, a certain concentration of liquid aluminum sulfate to the evaporator, and then heated by evaporation of excess water, and then transported to the mold above, the crystallization of cooling, and finally can be solid aluminum sulfate.

  2, by a certain concentration and ph liquid aluminum sulfate, aluminum hydroxide and sulfuric acid in a certain proportion to the reactor, at a certain temperature and speed conditions to reflect the cooling of the crystal can be solid aluminum sulfate.

  These two methods can be liquid aluminum sulfate into a solid form, we can choose according to their needs.

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