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Liquid Aluminum Sulfate Is Widely Used

  Liquid aluminum sulfate is widely used, especially in industrial applications, it is often used as a flocculant, if it and refractory materials, what will happen? The

  Liquid aluminum sulfate combined with refractory materials, the formation of refractory injection, the intensity of the fluctuations with the temperature fluctuations. Because in the heating process a series of physical changes and chemical changes. At room temperature, it is not coagulant coagulation slow, adding coagulant bauxite cement will produce calcium sulfate and iron sulfate, magnesium sulfate and so on.

  Liquid aluminum sulfate in the application of refractories can also play a lot of efficacy.

  Of course, liquid aluminum sulfate can also be used as paper filler, mordant, water purifier and fire extinguishing agent, heating can promote hydrolysis and produce precipitation of aluminum hydroxide. This is its function, with the development of society, technological progress, believe that its other characteristics will be gradually developed.

  On the liquid aluminum sulfate with refractory material on the first brief introduction to here, from that, if it and refractory materials, will further improve its use effect.

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