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Market Analysis Of Industrial Aluminum Sulfate Industry

  Market Analysis of Industrial Aluminum Sulfate Industry

  China's Industrial Aluminum Sulfate market has been in the corresponding imbalance between supply and demand, has been to maintain oversupply, the market situation is not optimistic. Analysis of the reasons that is mainly the following:

  1, China's Industrial Aluminum Sulfate industry is still not mature enough. Whether it is production technology, equipment level, or the scale of production, product quality, compared to foreign advanced enterprises still have a large gap. Coupled with a lot of enterprises in the planning and design is not thoughtful to the case of blind investment, easy to cause the overall level of Industrial Aluminum Sulfate products reduced.

  2, a single product, new product development capability is weak, the market has been in a state of excessive saturation. Now China's Industrial Aluminum Sulfate production enterprises, only a small number of enterprises can produce some series of products and special products, most companies still can only produce a single Industrial Aluminum Sulfate products. And most of the domestic products, the content of active alumina is low, the production of superior products too few enterprises, coupled with the impact of resources, product impurities too much, its variety structure is difficult to meet the needs of domestic and foreign markets, especially high alumina products and Comedy and products.

  3, the production scale is small, poor economic efficiency. In China more than 190 enterprises in the production of Industrial Aluminum Sulfate, on the one hand you can see many manufacturers of raw materials self-sufficiency, management experience is rich, the market stability and good efficiency; the other hand, there are more manufacturers due to poor market conditions, On the blind production and sales, resulting in uneven market competitiveness.

  In recent years, the market of Industrial Aluminum Sulfate, because the output growth is too fast, application development lag, resulting in the overall market as long as the supply and demand imbalance. To improve this situation, the existing production enterprises must carry out industrial reform, development should focus on innovation, according to the actual market conditions for production, can not blindly expand the market burden, while other small businesses should not continue to blindly put into production.

  Analysis of China's Industrial Aluminum Sulfate industry market in recent years, the phenomenon of oversupply remains the market pressure, want to improve this situation, we must carry out industrial reform.

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