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Paints And Coatings Apply To The Wall Surface To Protect And Decorate

In the traditional Chinese concept of paint is the paint, the so-called paint coating is applied to the wall surface to achieve the protection and decorative effect. Even a simple house decoration paint paint is a must, so a lot of understanding of paint paint is necessary, that paint paint how? Learn together!

In front of the paint has been mentioned in fact painted on the surface of the object from the protection and decoration role, then what is the paint paint it? In fact, in the end that the paint and paint this is a, but because the use of different raw materials, so there are differences on the title.

Paint the role of paint

1. Protection: paint paint has a certain role in the protection of insulation in many corners of the city can see their shadow, in the home decoration in this role is also a lot.

2. Decoration: paint the color of paint, but there are many kinds of brush on the wall, but give us a different visual effects, play a decorative effect is obvious.

3. Special role: some paint paint has a special role, our furniture will often see the paint with paint spray, which can greatly improve the value of furniture products, life will increase.

Paint the hazards of paint

Just mentioned so many paint the role of paint, but it is also a lot of potential harm, then what is it?

1. Chemical hazards: paint the biggest harm is the distribution of toxic substances, in today's decoration is the biggest harm than formaldehyde, and paint a lot of formaldehyde in the paint, which also left us a hidden danger.

2. Potential hazards: decoration is a long-term problem, the potential harm of paint coatings is relatively large, especially in the hot summer, paint the smell of aroma of paint, but a stealth health killer.

Summary: Now the furniture painting and home wall paint are painted paint, with the scientific progress, paint and paint gradually tend to green, and finally suggested that we use green paint it.

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