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Paints And Coatings The Difference Between

With the prosperity of the decoration market, many people are beginning to understand the building materials products, paint the word is also slowly our attention. Some people think that paint is paint, and some people think that paint and paint are two irrelevant things. What is paint? What's the difference between paint and paint?

1. Introduction of Paint

The so-called coating is coated on the surface of a protected or decorated object, and can be coated with a solid adhesion of the continuous film, usually resin, or oil, or emulsion, add or do not add pigments, fillers, add the appropriate additives, with organic solvents or water prepared from viscous liquid. Coatings are generally composed of four basic ingredients: film-forming material (resin), pigments (including physical pigments), solvents and additives.

According to the main film-forming materials used in the paint can be divided into oily paint, fiber coatings, synthetic coatings and inorganic coatings, according to paint or paint film properties can be divided into solution, latex, sol, powder, light, extinction and colorful art paint. It protects, decorates, signs and other special functions (such as electrical insulation, anti-fouling, drag reduction, heat insulation, radiation resistance, conduction, magnetic conductivity, etc.). Therefore, in agriculture and industry, national defense, scientific research and people's lives have been more and more widely used.

2. The difference between paint and paint

Previous aggregates were processed with vegetable oils and natural resins and are usually called paints. With the development of industry, the variety of coatings is increasing, and the quality and performance are increasing, many new coatings no longer contain oil components. This is not enough to paint the noun. Therefore, now apply to the coating surface of various materials collectively known as paint, paint is only one kind of paint. With the development of science, the wide application of all kinds of polymer resins has made the fundamental change of coating products, so the exact name should be "organic paint".

In fact, paint is a kind of paint, but only the raw materials used to paint tung oil and lacquer, and paint, is based on English translation to coating products. Moreover, since modern paints almost no longer use tung oil and lacquer as raw materials, it is not appropriate to call it paint again.

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