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Paints And CoatingsApparent Features

Believe that many do not understand the decoration of the owners in the renovation will ask the construction master, using the paint or paint? is paint and paint the same thing? If not, what is the difference between paint and paint? Let's talk about paint and paint today.

Paint has a long history in our country. The reason is called paint, from the early this material is inseparable from vegetable oil and lacquer, so the word "paint" carries a heavy history and ancient culture. With the continuous development of science and technology, paint industry is growing, paint varieties, categories have been continuously innovative.

The term "paint" has appeared in the 1950s. In the industry has always been that paint and paint is only the same material for two different appellation. 20th century 50-60 years, even to the 70 's, the industry will be "paint" understanding as learning, the "paint" understood as commonly known. Therefore, at that time "paint" the appellation how much with some academic taste, it seems that only the research unit can enjoy the title of two words, such as Paint Research institute or paint laboratory. At the same time, where the production enterprises are all called paint factory, paint factory or paint factory.

The confusion of paint and paint names began after the 1980s. With the rapid development of economic construction, the construction industry has been rising rapidly, the paint trade is no longer a monopoly in the past chemical system. Domestic construction system in a large number of new similar production plants commonly used "paint" as a business name. With the large influx of architectural paint products into the market, the word "paint" is not only from the sacred academic Hall came out, also because the architectural paint is mainly water-based products, the concept of paint is therefore socially distorted, one-sided thinking that paint is water-based, mistakenly think that paints and paints are two different materials, two different industries.

National standards (GB 5206.1) in paints and varnishes the basic term for the glossary standard, the paint is defined as follows: coating on the surface can form a protective, decorative or special energy (such as insulation, anti-corrosion, marking, etc.) of the solid-state coating of a class of liquid or solid materials. Most of the early use of vegetable oil as the main raw material, it is said to paint. Now the resin has been large or all replaced with vegetable oil, it is called paint.

For the above definition, there are two points of view

1. The reason for this kind of material is that paint is not called paint, more is due to the development of paint varieties and categories, because the name of the paint has not covered the industry's existing products, and paint a word can cover all types of industry products, the use of paint names more accurate, more scientific. such as powder coating products are not suitable for the use of paint appellation, paint and paint here is not interchangeable. Therefore, the coating can cover solid powder coating and liquid paint, but the replacement is not, so the standard explanation is not very in place.

2, the standard of the coating in the term "note": That is, "in the specific name of the paint can be used in the ' paint ' word to express, such as blending paint, thick paint, etc." also some improper. Because in fact, "paint" is not only used in the specific paint varieties, but also a large number of coatings in the category, such as acrylic paint, polyurethane paint, etc., but also a large number of applications in the field of generic, such as anti-corrosion paint, automotive paint, marine paint and so on. In fact, in addition to individual cases, paint and paint two words is universal, it is not specifically in the specific varieties can be expressed.

The apparent characteristic of paint and paint is liquid, it can't be covered with solid paint except liquid paint. Since the scope of coverage is different, it is difficult to explain the concept of paint and paint.

At present, waterborne coatings and powder coatings have become more and more, especially the water-based paint is the main paint in China accounted for about 38% of the total. Because water-based paint and oily lacquer its chemical characteristics are fundamentally different, water-based paint and oily paint product properties also have a great difference, then the water-based paint as a major branch of the paint industry's old understanding, is not scientific. water-based Paint and oil (sex) paint should be juxtaposed in liquid paint two different series. Learn more about the decoration knowledge, can visit: Chongqing Villa decoration knowledge experience.

Therefore, in the basic terminology standard, not only need to correct the standard of paint terminology, but also paint, paint and water-based paint terminology standards. They can be defined as:

Coating: A class of liquid or solid material that is coated on the surface of an object to form a solid film with protection, decoration, or special energy (such as insulation, anti-corrosion, marking, etc.). including oil (sex) paint, water-based paint, powder coating.

Paint: liquid paint that can flow. including oil (sex) paint and water-based paint.

Paints: organic solvents for Medium or high solids, solvent-free oily paint.

Water-based paints: Paints that can be dissolved with water or dispersed by water.

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