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Preparation Of Aluminium Sulphate Method

Made from bauxite with sulfuric acid Pressor response. Or using sulfuric acid decomposing alunite, kaolinite and containing alumina and Silicon raw materials can be produced.

Sulfate from bauxite by crushing to a certain size, add reaction reacts with sulfuric acid, liquid settlement, clear liquid and adding sulfuric acid to neutral or slightly alkaline, and concentrated to about 115 degrees, cooled and solidified, crushed to obtain the finished product.

Chemical reaction equation:

1. sulfuric acid method: bauxite, crushed to a certain size. Kettle react with sulfuric acid. Aluminium hydroxide (or pure kaolin and bauxite) after the reaction with sulfuric acid, strain out the insoluble recrystallization.

2. crystallization of aluminum sulfate hydrate crystals from acidic solutions slow heating, their progressive dehydration, finally, temperature up to 350 ° c, is dehydrate a sulfate-free.

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