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The Chemistry Of Aluminum Sulfate

Not easily lose crystal water weathered, relatively stable, heat loss, high temperature decomposes into aluminium oxide and sulfur oxides.

Heating to 770 ° c starts to break down as aluminum oxide, sulfur oxide, sulfur dioxide, and water vapor. Insoluble in water, acids and alkalis, soluble in ethanol. Aqueous solution is acidic. Generated after the hydrolysis of aluminum hydroxide. Water boiling for a long time can generate a basic aluminum sulfate. Toxic, dust can irritate eyes.

Hydrolysate of Alkali salts and colloidal precipitate of aluminum hydroxide. Easily combined with potassium, sodium and ammonium salts to form alum, aluminum potassium sulfate


When heated the hydrate, heavy swell, and become a sponge, while heating to red heat and decompose into sulfur trioxide and alumina.

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