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The Role Of Industrial Aluminum Sulfate In Papermaking And Its Preparation

  The Role of Industrial Aluminum Sulfate in Papermaking and Its Preparation

  Sizing commonly used Industrial Aluminum Sulfate (also known as alum or bauxite) as a precipitant, the main chemical composition is 14 ~ 18 crystal water with Industrial Aluminum Sulfate, Al2O3 content of 14 to 15%. Industrial Aluminum Sulfate is easy to dissolve, the solution is acidic, corrosive. Bauxite contains impurities should not be too much, especially iron salt can not be too high, otherwise it will be rosin gum, dye chemical effect, affecting the color of paper.

  The quality of bauxite is: the amount of alumina is more than 15.7%, the content of iron oxide is less than 0.7%, the content of water insoluble is less than 0.3%, free of free sulfuric acid.

  Bauxite in paper making a great role, first of all the need for sizing, while it is also satisfied with the other requirements of paper. Bauxite solution is acidic, add more bauxite will directly affect the Internet pH changes in the slurry. Although the paper is now to the neutral or alkaline change, Industrial Aluminum Sulfate but the role of bauxite in the paper can not be ignored.

  The results show that the δ potential can be controlled by adjusting the pH value of the Internet, which can effectively improve the water filtration rate and retention rate of the Internet slurry, and can effectively control the resin barrier with talc. Appropriate increase in the amount of bauxite to reduce the pH value of the slurry, but also can effectively reduce the adhesion of pulp and reduce the pressure caused by pressing paper roll. Usually expressed as a squeeze paper wool for a long time, may be appropriate to increase the amount of bauxite. But the amount of bauxite to control properly, if the amount of too much, not only cause waste, but also make the paper crisp. And lead to corrosion of paper machine parts and net, blanket loss. Therefore, the amount of bauxite is generally controlled by controlling the pH between 4.7 and 5.5.

  The method of dissolving bauxite is hot-dissolving and cold-dissolving. The former is heated by heating to accelerate the dissolution of alumina; the latter is the cycle of alumina in the aqueous solution to accelerate the diffusion and dissolution. Compared with the hot melt method, the solution has the advantages of saving steam and improving the environment of the present invention, and it is a better dissolving method.

  1) cold solution method

  Cold melting equipment mainly has dissolved tank, circulating pump and middle tank. Dissolution tank bottom taper, high with a filter plate, the upper part of the tank with a circulation into the tube. Dissolved solution through the filter plate into the middle tank, and then sent back to the recovery tank by the circulating pump. Dissolution operation method is: first to the dissolved tank by adding a certain amount of water, Industrial Aluminum Sulfate open the five pump, and then into the process required a certain amount of bauxite (Industrial Aluminum Sulfate), after a certain period of time, check whether the dissolved, to be dissolved Determine the concentration, and re-adjust to meet the process requirements, and finally stop the cycle, the liquid sent to the storage pool.

  2) hot melt method

  Thermal dissolution is a traditional method of dissolution, mainly applicable to small plants, generally do not need circulation pump, the operation method is: first bauxite into the tank, add appropriate water (about the amount of bauxite 18 ~ 20 Times), and then directly through the steam boiling (preferably with stirring). After 20 to 30 minutes, until the solution was completely transparent to stop the steam, let it stand still clear, cooled to 35 ℃ or so, and then filtered to the storage tank.

  The concentration of the alumina solution is about 2 to 3'Be, and the specific gravity is 1.02 to 1.03, which is approximately 6 to 8 g / l of Al2O3.

  The amount of bauxite depends on the amount of rosin, as well as the production of water. Generally for the amount of rosin 2 to 3 times. Such as the production of water hardness, Industrial Aluminum Sulfate not only to increase the amount of bauxite, and the best use of acid bauxite. Therefore, the actual production, the amount of bauxite sometimes reached the amount of rosin 4 to 5 times.

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