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The Use Of Industrial Aluminum Sulfate As A Refractory Castable

  The use of Industrial Aluminum Sulfate as a refractory castable

  Industrial Aluminum Sulfate used as fire-resistant castable refractory aggregate and powder, mainly clay clinker, bauxite clinker and other high-alumina materials, in order to obtain room temperature strength, must be added coagulant. Here for everyone to explain in detail.

  In the refractory castable, sometimes mixed with alumina ≥ 29% soft clay powder, the purpose is to improve the high temperature performance, the amount of 5% to 10% at the same time, also mixed with expansion agent and other materials to offset the castable High temperature shrinkage. But in any case, the use of Industrial Aluminum Sulfate as a refractory castable will become popular and accepted.

  It can not only do chemical reagents, but also can do refractory castables. Refractory castable is the use of Industrial Aluminum Sulfate solution as a binder and refractory aggregate and powder from the preparation. Compared with the phosphate refractory castables, the performance is slightly worse, but the cost is low, there is still vitality.

  It is used as a refractory castable is a gas-hard material, the condensation hardening mechanism and high temperature physical and chemical changes are complex. It is well known that Industrial Aluminum Sulfate is present in aqueous solutions in the form of sulfate, aluminum hydroxide and aluminum hydroxide. Although there are aluminum and other substances exist, room temperature hardening is also very slow. When the addition of aluminate cement, sulfate ions and cement hydrated calcium ions to form more calcium sulfate, but also the formation of iron sulfate and so on. These substances are further reacted to produce new substances, such as calcium sulphoaluminate and ferric sulphoaluminate. As the new crystal was columnar or needle-like, and cross-growth and development, at room temperature to get the strength of castables.

  The use of Industrial Aluminum Sulfate for the use of refractory castables is the first to introduce you here, hope that the above content can help you.

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