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Waster Water Treatmentthree Methods

With the diversity of human life, the earth's sewage is also more and more, then we need to deal with sewage, how to deal with sewage?

First, sewage is divided into domestic sewage and industrial wastewater, treatment methods are generally divided into physical methods, chemical methods and biological methods, in this three methods for a brief introduction.

Method 1: Physical methods

1. Physical precipitation method is generally the use of precipitants to absorb contaminants in sewage, where the more important precipitants, the treatment of different pollutants, the need to select the corresponding precipitant, and the method generally does not produce Secondary pollution.

2. Adsorption method, is the use of adsorbents to contaminate the contaminants in the sewage to achieve the treatment of sewage, such as one of the most common adsorbent: activated carbon, but the adsorbent is generally a one-time consumables, the cost may be higher.

3. Extraction method, the method generally use a certain extraction agent, the water pollutants extracted.

4. Membrane filtration, generally using a specific semipermeable membrane, only water or only contaminants through the membrane, so as to achieve the separation of pollutants.

Method 2: Chemical method

1. Neutralization method, this is the use of chemical acid and alkali neutralization reaction, the pollutants are generally acid or alkali, then with the chemical substances to be neutralized to produce non-polluting chemical salts.

2. Chemical precipitation method, the use of pollutants and chemical reactions can occur, the final material can not be dissolved in water, and then use the physical precipitation or filtration and other methods to achieve the effect of separation

3. Electrolysis, the method is generally used to deal with metal salts, through the point of precipitation of metal ions to achieve the sewage treatment method.

Method 3: Biology

1. It is generally used to decompose organic matter into inorganic matter and finally achieve the method of pollution treatment. The method generally needs to use bacteria, bacteria are divided into aerobic bacteria and anaerobic bacteria, so the need to use the characteristics of microorganisms For the creation of a suitable living environment.

For sewage treatment, generally several methods are used in conjunction to achieve rapid and effective treatment results.

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